The Ecstasy of Rain

Low, the tempest rose to right so ghosts of Winslow dance tonight in harmony with their terrain, call the wind that yields the rain Moving closer through the ley aged visitants ascend to pray to deities forgotten name euphoric and embracing rain Furtively their passions praise as lesser ghosts succumb in waves, whelmed to ecstasy, …

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Plain Jane

Point of security paralyzed ten times over, looking past my shoulder searching now for grace Vision of destruction glamorized ten times over, sensing something colder reeling at the taste Object of desire scandalized ten times, ten times, my only thought to hold her and die inside her arms Love is a PLAIN JANE dress, I … Continue reading Plain Jane

Come Christmas

Mistletoe induced the quivers Snowmen incites my shivers Brandy sifts let spirits lead the way Aching for another Christmas day Bobsleds race so fast it’s thrilling By all degree the air is chilling In light remorse at sight of this decay Aching for another Christmas day Eagerness of fashion Frisson fused to passion Awaiting the … Continue reading Come Christmas

Suffer the Bite

began 04.01.89 revised 11.03.01 She runs her fingers through my hair And it feels so strange like a lingering pain That I’ve never felt before Then looks deep into my eyes With her eyes aflame and a lingering pain That makes me look away I have to look away She whispers warmly in me ear … Continue reading Suffer the Bite